Golf Unfiltered Podcast 20: Christo Garcia of My Swing Evolution


Today on the podcast I welcome Christo Garcia of the YouTube channel My Swing Evolution. Christo has one of the best golf instructional video channels on the internet and has indirectly improved my golf game substantially over the last couple of years. On his channel, Christo chronicles his journey to reinvent his golf swing by modeling it after the great Ben Hogan. Five years later, Christo is routinely breaking 80, has dramatically increased his shot distance across all of his clubs and has even broken par!

During our conversation we discuss the science of the golf swing, a few common misconceptions that amateurs (like me) struggle with on the driving range, and so much more.

(Note: Sorry for the audio issues here and there. I swear I wasn't speaking over Christo when we actually talked! Stupid Skype delay.)

If you are a fan of the traditional golf swing and learning everything there is to learn about swing mechanics, be sure to listen to today's episode and visit the My Swing Evolution channel on YouTube.

Be sure to purchase your copy of Christo's online golf instruction video here: