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Golf Unfiltered Podcast 10: Rory McIlroy, David Leadbetter and My Swing Evolution!


We've reached double-digits at The Golf Unfiltered Podcast! What better way to spend our tenth episode by listening to me cook dinner while I talk about Rory McIlroy's amazing win at the 2015 Wells Fargo Championship? There is no better way, I tells ya! We also cover two very opposite -- yet effective -- golf swing instructional series in our second segment. First, I offer my take on David Leadbetter's new book, The A Swing, and how it may (or may not) help my golf game. I then switch gears to talk about Christo Garcia's incredible YouTube Channel, My Swing Evolution, and his new instructional video on the classic Ben Hogan golf swing.

We also manage to squeeze in a couple Twitter questions from our listeners. Listen to the show via the player below!

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