"GOLF LIST MANIA!" by Leonard Shapiro and Ed Sherman

One thing that golf bloggers, writers, and journalists all have in common?  We like to argue because we are incredibly opinionated about the game we all play and love.  As such, one or two "lists" will be drafted during a conversation between two golf punduits, usually without fail.  In doing so, topics such as the Best Golfer to Never Win a Major, or Ugliest Dresser in Professional Golf are covered (often at great length and over some type of alcoholic beverage... or twenty) with no ultimate final consensus being reached.  Frankly, these types of discussions are the very reason why I started writing on this great sport... and now two fellow journalists have taken it to the next level and published a book dedicated to golf lists. GOLF LIST MANIA! by Leonard Shapiro and Ed Sherman is an informative, comprehensive, and often times hilarious new book set to hit the shelves in May 2011 that covers a variety of different topics including those expressed above.  Above all, GOLF LIST MANIA! is a celebration of golf.  These are our favorite subjects as fans, players, and major championship junkies: Tiger, the Shark, Sarazen’s double eagle, Miller’s 63, Van de Velde’s collapse, Sergio’s light résumé, Lefty’s greatest hits and near misses, Jack’s second places and Feherty’s acerbic wit.  Shapiro and Sherman effortlessly compare 2nd rank events and personalities over decades and generations and leave the reader entertained and raring to go for that next tee time.

Have you ever wondered or argued about who are the Top 10 best graduates from the Nationwide Tour?  How about the Top 10 Australian golfers of all time?  Or even the Top 10 Golf Movies?  Well... that one is a no-brainer (Caddyshack), but what about the other nine?  This book covers all of these lists and many, many more.

In addition to the opinions of the authors, numerous golf experts weigh-in on other topics like the Top 10 Most Important Technological Advancements in Golf, among others.  Even legendary golf commentator Jim Nantz offers a foreward to the book along with two of his own lists on the sport. 

Throughout the pages you will read many opinions on the best (and worst) moments, items, and historical statistics on professional golf from names such as Nantz, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Dan Jenkins, John Feinstein, Lance Barrow, Peter Kessler, and many more.  Speaking of Palmer, what would be your guess as to what he would label his most important win as a golfer?  Here's a hint: it isn't a major, and hardly anyone speaks of it any longer.

Numerous quotes are also offered throughout the chapters as footnotes by some of the greatest golfing minds, superstar athletes, actors and journalists throughout the ages, including:  Bob Hope, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Alistair Cooke, John Updike, Phyllis Diller, Gerald Ford, Will Rogers, Billy Graham, Heywood Hale Broun, Rick Reilly, Jack Lemmon, and Hank Aaron.

If you are a stat junkie like myself, or if you simply hold strong opinions on who were the best and who were the rest in professional golf, GOLF LIST MANIA! is the perfect book to keep on your mantle, coffee table, or inside your golf bag just in case.  If nothing else, you will have an incredible amount of knowledge ammunition to take with you to the 19th hole following your next round with friends.

GOLF LIST MANIA! The Most Authoritative and Opinionated Rankings of the Best and Worst of the Game Author: Leonard Shapiro and Ed Sherman, Foreword by Jim Nantz Publisher: Running Press Format: Paperback; 284 pages; Retail Price: $15.00; ISBN-13: 978-0-7624-4069-6; Publication Date: May 2011