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Golf in the Olympics, ChicagoDuffer-style

The announcement was made today by the IOC that our wonderful sport, golf, is the newest event in the Olympics. While we are all very excited, I think that the format of Olympic-play should not go overlooked. In fact, the format chosen could be the most important factor in this entire venture. Here are my ideas:

- Golf Biathlon: Yeah, I know that this sounds like a Winter event, but can we get a little creative? Just picture Steve Williams on skis pulling Tiger around Brazil like a sled hound. Brilliant.

- Greco-Roman Golfing: I can see it now: Phil Mickelson vs. the best golfer from Greece (whoever the hell that is). Two-point takedowns = a birdie, getting pinned = caddy dies. Bring back the good ol' days, right Caesar?

- Rhythmic Golfing: You know Ian James Poulter has a ribbon in his bag. Don't deny it.

- Taekwongolf: I would have to guess that Camilo can throw one heck of a ninja-kick. Although, this event might go to Japan by default.

- Fencing: The ultimate test to see which driver shaft is the highest quality!

- Polo: For some reason, Adam Scott could be the favorite in this event. Then again, he can barely hit a ball while standing still, so riding a horse might be a little difficult.

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