Golf Headline Writers

This weekend was a rather unique one in the world of golf, and it has entirely everything to do with who won, who lost, and who apparently drinks when they write news headlines.

While I understand that many journalists will want to attract attention to his/her article, especially in the realm of the Internet Search Page, this weekend's headlines have been downright silly. Frankly, a few of them have been pretty painful as well.

Justin Rose won for the first time on American soil yesterday at the PGA's Memorial tournament in Ohio. Seemingly a player who was supposed to be the "next big thing" following his play as an amateur at the British Open years ago, Rose has been the subject of the "What Happened?" young golfer group followed by the media ever since. Plus, the man has a rather punny name! Examples of actual news headlines:

A Rose blooms at the Memorial (Oh wow. How original.)

'Forgotten' Rose lives up to expectations with TOUR win (Ok, not as obvious, but still a cliched phrase)

A Lesson Learned: Rose blooms due to putting prowess (Stop it. Just stop it.)

However, the PGA wasn't the only Tour that had silly golf writers following the action over the weekend. Over on the Champions' Tour, Nick Price won yet again at the Principal Charity Classic. Apparently "charity" also included Headline Amateur Hour:

The Price is right on Champions Tour (Oh god. It hurts.)

Well, I guess I shouldn't complain too much. At least there hasn't been much talk about You-Know-Who and his average showing over the weekend. Wait... what's that? You're kidding.

A tough row to hoe for Tiger

You actually used the word "hoe" in that headline? That's it, I'm outta here.