REVIEW: The Aiming golf shot aiming device

With everything that can go wrong in your golf swing, the least you could do is get yourself aligned correctly to your target. However, a number of golfers still struggle with this concept, which literally sets them up for failure. 'The Aiming', a new golf equipment device made by the Korea-based MotionScape, is designed to help align you to your target during practice sessions or on the course.

As the video shows, The Aiming is a small device that clips onto your belt or waistband and vibrates to let you know when you aren't lined up correctly to your target. After standing behind your golf ball and pressing the button on the device's face, you'll feel and hear a notification that the device is "ready." Address your golf ball and The Aiming will notify you if you're standing too left or too right from your original target line.

The Aiming device is very easy to use and rather non-invasive due to its size when worn on your belt. Admittedly, I took a few minutes to figure out how to use the device properly, but in time I was impressed with how well the device sensed my alignment.

While the tried and true method of laying a training rod or golf club on the ground is still the easiest way to practice your alignment, The Aiming is definitely helpful when playing in a round. Of course, using a training device like The Aiming during competition would be a no-no, so I'll have to keep its use to practice sessions.

Why you should buy this device

If you're looking for a way to check your alignment during a round of golf, The Aiming is a high-tech solution. The sensors are accurate, the feedback immediate, and the device features a long battery life. Just be prepared to try it out first on the driving range.

Why you should not buy this device

At a price point of $149.99, The Aiming might be a little expensive for what it is meant to do. It is definitely a one-trick ponie, and you'll probably be able to find cheaper alternatives or methods to check your alignment.