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Golf Confessionals: Schaumburg Golf Club

Having never played competitive golf before on a regular basis (save for a couple junior tournaments early in my teenage days), joining the Windy City Golf League was a bit of a risk for me. Sure, I can go out and play golf against friends of mine and hold my own; but how would I stack up to other amateur players in my area? Today was my first test, and the course of choice was Schaumburg Golf Club. First things first: the course was quite nice. The layout is a bit confusing (27 holes in all), but the greens were in excellent condition (as well as lightning-fast). Everything was well-manicured, the rough wasn't too punitive, and the bunkers seemed quite fair for the most part (I actually managed to stay out of them all day). Unfortunately for me, I did not have my A-game at all and the course ate me up and spit me out.

I decided to walk the 18 holes to save a little cash, but the weekend rates are by no means outlandish ($50+ for non-residents on a weekend isn't terrible). I can't remember the last time I walked 18 holes, and my feet are already cursing me for trying it this morning. I definitely started to lose my mojo throughout the morning due to fatigue, which unfortunately led to one of my worse rounds in a long, long time (94). Or maybe it had something to do with the mater hazards and lost balls? Either or.

The company was certainly the highlight of the morning as my three league partners were all kind, engaging, and talented players. I even had the opportunity to meet a fellow golf blogger, Chicago Golf Guy, who was playing somewhat wounded during his round (I'll let him explain that one if he wishes).

All-in-all, my first experience with the Windy City Golf League was a positive one. I managed to win one match but lost two (as all players in the foursome played one another) and hope to improve both my game and my scoring as the season wears on.

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