Golf Confessionals: Salt Creek Golf Club

This morning I decided to wake up and play golf in 43 degree weather in the Western Suburbs of Chicago because, well, I'm kind of an idiot.  Maybe saying that I'm an "addict" is more accurate, especially when that temperature is accompanied by 25 mph winds.  Even with three layers of clothing, a stocking hat, and thermal socks I managed to freeze my butt off.  It was pretty impressive actually; feel right off and landed in a greenside bunker.  Was the damndest thing.  Read on to see how my round went.Anyway, Salt Creek Golf Club was my choice of course this week; an executive 18-hole, par 63 course in Wood Dale, Illinois just a mile or two off of I-290.  I know what you're thinking: why the heck am I doing playing golf on a par-63 golf course in the middle of April?  The easy answer is that I have a golf outing next weekend at this course and I wanted to try it out before the event.  The real answer is that, as I mentioned above, I am a golf addict and this was my latest "fix".  Let's just go with the former. At 8:40am this morning I walked up to the clubhouse directly across from Top Golf and was greeted by the pro shop clerk/starter/head pro along with a 60-something man who was going to be "my partner for the day".  Not only that, we were both riding for the round, so the Mr. Starter Guy basically informed me that I better introduce myself to this other player quick because we would be sharing a cart for the round.  Awkward.

Long story short, the round went by fine even though I played pretty awful (78 on a par 63?  Good lord...) and my playing partner was hilarious.  Not only was he a pretty decent player, but whenever he would hit a bad shot he would scream a curse word at the top of his lungs.  I mean every word in that previous sentence, by the way; he would scream a curse word.  Why was he hilarious?  Because when asked what he did for a living, he told me he was a retired Psychologist.

The highlight of the round took place on the back nine of our round when I was about 20 yards short lying 3 on the par-4 11th; Sigmund Cuss-a-Lot was about 30 yards short off to the left of the green.  I hit a pitching wedge chip into the cup for birdie, then he does the exact same thing.  Never seen that before in my life.

Quality of the Course: 5/10

Price: 8/10

Overall Value: 7/10