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Golf Colleges: Building a Future Generation of Golf Leaders

golf collegeThink of merging one's passion for golf with acquiring a degree from an accredited university, simultaneously. These days, it is possible for folks who are searching for careers in golf-related fields or who are only looking for PGA membership to combine the two.

Both accredited web-based universities and traditional brick and mortar colleges, in combination with the Professional Golf Association of America, are granting such learning opportunities. These higher-education courses even extend to folks numerous learning disciplines beyond golf in the general business fields of finance; retail store management, personnel management and asset management.

Golf-Specific Careers

Graduates from accredited PGA education programs do qualify for golf-specific careers. The following lineup outlines several of them.

International Coach Many PGA Professionals with a talent and pizzazz for teaching take on major responsibilities in developing novice players and carrying out mentoring programs around the globe.

Golf Retail Merchant Some folks apply their PGA credentials and golf knowledge to sell clubs and merchandise at golf ranges, providing players with professional assistance and added customer-care through sales.

Golf Club General Manager These professionals are armed with promotion, marketing and management skills; a growing number of PGA professionals are now responsible for supervising all of a golf association’s assets, over and beyond their regular pro-obligations.

Clubmaker or Repairer PGA Specialists continue to master the craft of creating and restoring golf clubs; so, when the head of a client's beloved seven iron takes flight, rest assured the PGA professional can repair it.

Golf Director PGA alumnae are perfectly positioned to satisfy managerial duties at sizable golf hotels and hubs. Golf directors captain all areas of a club's complete operation, including golf links repair and maintenance; clubhouse management; food-and-beverage operation; and other leisure events found at the center.

Golf Technician Since PGA pros own comprehensive educations in both gear and golf-innovation; many are hired as technicians by business giants such as Nike, TaylorMade and Callaway.

Club/Head Pro Folks can spot a PGA accredited graduate employed at the center of any golf club. Their duties and responsibilities differ based on the club's size, and their functions generally include offering lessons; fixing or fitting golf clubs, training youngster, running productive club stores, promoting the club for drawing in new membership and holding on to existing members and setting up competitions and Pro-Ams.

Training Specialist Some PGA Professionals embark on training, and they go on to become reputable coaches at the highest degree, collaborating with many of the world's best players.

U.S. Accredited PGA Education Programs

The folks at Degree Jungle have assembled a lineup of the top-eleven US-based universities and their relevant diplomas for individuals curious about finding out more in becoming a PGA professional during their undergraduate studies.

  1. University of Nevada-Las Vegas­

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

  1. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Bachelor of Arts in Golf Management

  1. University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Golf Management

  1. University of Idaho

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with PGA Golf Management

  1. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in seven different golf disciplines

  1. University of Central Oklahoma

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with a concentration in PGA Golf      Management

  1. Sam Houston State University

Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in PGA Golf Management

  1. Penn State University

Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Management with an option in Golf Management

  1. Mississippi State University

Bachelor of Science in Business with PGA Golf Management

  1. Ferris State University

Bachelor of Science degree in Business emphasis in three different golf disciplines

  1. Clemson University

Bachelor of Science Degree in PRTM with a concentration in PGA Golf Management and a minor in Business Administration

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