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Get Scores, News, Alerts and Watch Live Sports on your Phone


As a diehard fan of live sports, you know that there is a wealth of information out there relating to your favorite games and athletes. Unfortunately, most of that information is just sitting around, waiting for you to find it. What’s the latest news on your top three athletes? When are they playing next? What’s the score of the game playing right now? In the old days, you would have to seek out the answers to these questions on your own time. Now, though, with the best sports app around, you can sit back and let it all come to you.

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CBS Sports App

Whether or not you watch CBS Sports on television, you cannot deny that this app is the ultimate tool for any sports fan. Not only is it free to download, but it comes with so many features and benefits that you'll wonder how you managed without it. Now, everything you need is at your fingertips, and it takes very little effort to get started.

Follow Your Favorite Teams

Which sport do you like best? Football? Basketball? Golf? Regardless of your answer, you can find all of the information you need on your most desired teams and athletes on this app, including college sports. When you first sign up, all you have to do is search for the teams you like and add them to your list, and then you’re done. From that moment on, the app will cater the information you specified to you and even notify you along the way when there are updates.

Stay Updated

Following sports news can be a time-consuming task, especially if you watch television to get it. While these programs are certainly entertaining, they only focus on the big stories, meaning that you don’t get the latest on all of your teams. With this app, sports news comes to you as long as it is related to any of your teams.

Watch Games

Finally, the best thing about CBS Sports is that you can see the games in real time. Even if you have a spotty connection, the app will update you on scores as they change so you will always be on top of things.

Overall, if you love sports, then you have to download this app.

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