Geddes Leaving LPGA for... the WWE?!

Sometimes the world of golf just makes me smile, and for so many different reasons. Like this story, for example.

According to our dear friend Ryan Ballengee in an article posted on, former LPGA player and executive Jane Geddes is leaving the organization to join World Wrestling Entertainment. You know; the professional wrestling association. I find this to be unbelievably amusing.

Geddes played on the LPGA for 20 years, which included 11 wins and 2 major titles and most recently served as the LPGA’s senior vice president for tournament operations and player services. Geddes' new gig? Vice President of Talent Relations for the Connecticut-based WWE.

“I’ve been around golf for so long that an opportunity to really go outside that – obviously at the WWE, which is a big change from the LPGA – I found that very interesting and really exciting,” Geddes said in a recent interview.

Geddes' boss has officially changed from mild-mannered Mike Whan to the WWE's John Laurinaitis... who once wrestled under the name of "Johnny Ace".