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REVIEW: Tin Cup Ball Markers


tincupGolfers are always encouraged to mark their golf balls with a distinguishing logo or dot to help tell their ball from others on the course. Most players will make a boring dot with a Sharpie, maybe even an alignment line. Thanks to the folks at Tin Cup Ball Markers, you now have much more fun ways to mark your ball.

Tin Cup Ball Markers are just as the product's name suggests: stencils made out of tin that fit snugly over your golf ball allowing you to trace any of the multiple template options available on the company website. And believe me, there are hundreds of options to choose from.

Most recently I was able to try out the Liberty stencil to proclaim my love of our great country. Each stencil comes with a velvet carrying bar that fits nicely in any pocket on your golf bag and a colored Sharpie to decorate your ball.

The Tin Cup stencils retail for $19.95 and come in a variety of different marking options, including college teams and custom designs.

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