REVIEW: Puma Golf Zero Limits Golf Shoes


Puma Golf is quickly becoming a leader in golf equipment and fashion. Their latest golf shoe offering -- the Puma Golf Zero Limits series -- is stylish, durable and the essence of high-performance on the golf course. I had a chance to try out the new shoes for 18 holes recently. Puma ZL


As you can clearly see, the Puma ZL shoe is incredibly stylish without being too flashy. The black and white out sole gives the impression of a tuxedo style that will go well with any pant style or color. The 14 replaceable S2Quill spikes provide maximum grip on the course, even in the wet conditions I experienced during my round. The inner cushioning and breatheability -- while staying completely water-proof -- promoted a level of comfort rarely found in a golf shoe.

Puma ZL stripe


The Puma ZL's performance is practically unmatched in any golf shoe I have reviewed this season. I prefer a low-profile construction in my golf shoes, which the Puma ZL pulls off quite nicely. I found that despite having softspikes under my feet, I felt connected to the course as opposed to the "baseball spikes" sensation with which lesser shoes often struggle. In other words, I didn't feel like I was walking on stilts.

Puma ZL cat


Retailing for $200, the Puma Golf Zero Limit golf shoe may be a bit pricey for most players. However, if you are looking for a high-caliber golf shoe that you can trust every time you play -- regardless of weather or playing conditions -- you will not find a shoe that better meets that need. As the shoe's name suggests, Puma placed no limits on themselves in an attempt to create the perfect golf shoe.

With the Puma Zero Limits series, they very well may have pulled it off.