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Gear Review: Nike Golf TW '14 Golf Shoes

photo (8)Nike has always been the standard by which all other athletic shoes are measured. Whether it is basketball, football, baseball or soccer, Nike footwear never seems to disappoint. With their new TW '14 golf shoes, Nike has raised the bar once again. Yes, the TW '14 shoes are what Tiger Woods wears every time he steps on the golf course. Nike has a knack for getting their top athletes to help design the footwear that bears their name, and the TW '14's are no exception. As I wrote for the Back9Network, Tiger provided tons of feedback on the design of these new shoes. After playing 18 holes in these puppies, I can safely say that I was impressed by their performance and comfort.

What I liked most about the TW '14's were how well they fit my feet, even in hot conditions when your feet are likely to expand a bit. These shoes fit more like basketball shoes than golf spikes, which is a testament to the hours of research that undoubtedly went into their design. A unique extra spike design on the toe of each shoe helps provide increased traction as you slide through the impact zone in your golf swing. This feature is incredibly helpful in maintaining control throughout your swing.

The new Nike Golf TW '14 golf shoes retail for $179 and can be found in a major golf retailer near you.

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