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REVIEW: Mizuno MP H4 Irons


Mizuno’s golf equipment line has long been known for its high-quality, tour-proven performance for professionals and amateurs alike. Their connection with all golfers is well-documented, exemplified by the company’s “Play Famously” campaign to complement their JPX-825 iron series. The new Mizuno MP H4 iron series offers players a combination of cutting-edge technology while maintaining a classic, traditional iron look. The MP-H4 irons are unique in that players will find a combination of hollow cavity back construction in the longer irons (3-4), a half-cavity hybrid design for mid-irons (5-7) and a traditional forged feel in the higher loft clubs (8-PW). The premise behind this design is to provide players a lift – quite literally, thanks to a lower center-of-gravity – in longer clubs that are often difficult to hit. All the irons feature Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process for soft, solid, consistent feel throughout the set.

Such was my impression of the MP-H4’s during a recent test on my local driving range. As a fan of forged irons, I was a bit skeptical when I noticed how thick the 3- and 4-iron clubheads appeared in comparison to my current clubs. After hitting them, however, I was surprised at how easy and fluid the irons felt on contact. My golf ball jumped off the clubface with a low, penetrating ball flight. Miss-hits maintained this trajectory despite not being hit in the center of the club. That was impressive.

The mid- and low-irons provided similar feedback. I was very pleased with the distance and control each club offered. I prefer a lower ball-flight off my irons, and the MP H4’s did not disappoint. These qualities can be attributed to the “stronger” lofts found on the clubs; for example, the MP-H4’s 9-iron loft is 42 degrees while most stock brands are 43 degrees.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with all areas of the Mizuno MP H4 irons. Designed for players with handicap indexes between 2-10, I will be hard-pressed to find a better iron this season.

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