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Gear Review: Kentwool Graduate Compression Socks

KENTWOOL - The Graduate_BlackFor many golfers who suffer from poor circulation in their legs, the options for stylish compression socks are limited. Thanks to the fine folks at Kentwool, however, golfers everywhere now have the option of wearing the fantastic Graduate Compression socks as an alternative.

What is best about the Kentwool Graduate Compression socks is that you can wear them for any number of activities. According to the company website, the Graduate Sock compresses the lower leg to increase venous blood flow that slows down with forced inactivity or long periods of sitting—at the office, on a plane, in the car. Increased blood flow also improves leg and foot muscle recovery time for athletes. The Graduate Sock is engineered to reduce muscle and tendon soreness caused by impact forces when walking, running or golfing.

While I don't suffer from lower leg pain or poor circulation, there are certainly a number of people in my family who would benefit from the Graduate Compression sock. Available in either black or neutral color, these socks are also substantially more attractive to wear than anything you'll get from the hospital or your doctor's office.

While these socks are a bit pricey retailing at $40.00, rest assured that the comfort and pain relief you will experience while wearing these socks is worth every penny.

To learn more about the Kentwool Graduate Compression socks, visit the company website by clicking this link.

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