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Gear Review: CHAMP Zarma FLYTeePRO


CHAMP FLYteePro Green - 4-PackWhen it comes to golf tees, most of us prefer to use the traditional wooden variety found on almost every golf course in the world. They are simple, cheap and reliable for at least one swing of the club.

Thanks to companies like CHAMP Sports, however, golfers now have the option of playing with an unbreakable plastic golf tee alternative. The latest installment of this synthetic golf tee movement is the new Zarma FLYteePRO.

According to the company website, the new CHAMP FLYteePro is a well-engineered high performance golf tee with a soft shock absorbing color tip on a low friction 6 prong head. Instead of being one solid piece of plastic, this golf tee features a dual material design meant to reduce shock and friction on your golf ball.

The benefits of using a plastic golf tee are many, but most notably the fact that they are darn near impossible to break. During my last golf round using the Zarma FLYteePRO, I was pleased on how sturdy the tees were in terms of surviving my driver and iron tee-shots hole after hole. I didn't necessarily notice any change in shot distance while using the FLYteePRO, but at least I was able to use one tee for 18 holes.

The only downside with the FLYteePRO is the durability of the overall design when pushing the tee into the ground. On one occasion, the upper half of the tee snapped off the bottom half as I drove the spike into a hard tee box. I've never had that happen with any other golf tee in my life.

With the exception of the minor design flaw I noticed with the dual material structure, the FLYteePRO did serve as a fitting alternative to my typical plastic tee preference.That being said, I think I will stick with my original tee design.

To learn more about the Zarma FLYteePRO, be sure to visit the CHAMP website by clicking this link: http://champspikes.com/products/golf/accessories/fly-tees/zarma-flyteepro/

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