Fix My Swing: The Square to Square Swing Method


My path to better continues as I research ways to fix my golf swing. I recently stumbled on teaching pro Sam Goulden's YouTube channel and was intrigued by his Square to Square swing method. So I signed up on his website and am giving the method a shot. I can already tell I made a very good choice.

Who is Sam Goulden?

Sam Goulden has been on YouTube for awhile. You may remember him as the aspiring touring pro who lived out of his car, ate meals on a $5/day budget, and attempted to earn his way onto the PGA Tour. Along the way Sam discovered his true calling: becoming the best golf instructor he could for the most people possible.

He has since written multiple golf instruction books and is now a top 20 golf author on Amazon. Along the way he developed the Square to Square swing method that remains the foundation of his teaching to this day.

What is the Square to Square swing?

The video below (about 15 minutes long) gives a high-level overview of the Square to Square swing method. Sam does a better job at explaining the swing than I could:

Early Results

I decided to take the swing to the driving range and give it a shot. The method seemed to fit my natural golf swing tendency (I take it back a little flat and focus on shoulders, not arms) and addresses a flaw in my current swing I've wanted to resolve for years: too much wrists.

After signing up for Sam's website to learn the core drills necessary to groove-in the swing, I felt confident that I could at least get off the starting block. What did I have to lose? More importantly, what do I have the potential to gain?

Initial Impression of the Square to Square Swing Method

My time with the swing method has been brief, but as you saw in my video above, I am greatly encouraged by the immediate results. I've tried many different instructors and methods in my 20+ years of golf, but this method seems to be the easiest to repeat. And no, I did not lose a great deal of distance using this swing.

I will continue to document my progress with the Square to Square swing method on this site. I also hope to interview Sam Goulden on my podcast in the near future, so stay tuned!