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Fix My Swing: Current Golf Swing (June 2017)


In this installment of my #FixMySwing series, I give an update of my current golf swing as of June 2017. The video was recorded at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club.

What I'm Working On

In this video you will see me hit a few shots with my wedge, 7-iron, and 3-wood. I'm still working on the Square to Square swing method but with some small adjustments. I am focusing on keeping the clubhead in front of my body throughout the swing, especially during the downswing and into impact.

What's Going Well

I really like the feel I get at impact when the clubhead stays in front of my body. The divot is shallow and I seem to compress the ball better. I actually spun a few range balls back a bit as a result of my hands being ahead of the ball at impact.

Carry distance remains consistent from one shot to the next, taking the guesswork out of my game. If I need to carry a ball 150 yards, for example, I know a smooth 7-iron will get me within 3 yards of that number (+/-).

What I Want to Improve

My hook continues to rear its ugly head every so often, but far less frequently than before. When on the course I notice my hook to become more prevalent late in the round. I attribute this to fatigue and lack of focus.

I still struggle with thin shots, especially on my wedges. This is probably due to a postural flaw through transition.

I'd love to hear your feedback. Leave your comments below or email me at golfunfiltered@gmail.com.

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