Fix My Swing: Alignment Stick Rotation Drill


Finding the proper impact position can be a challenge for many golfers. I've always struggled with a "casting" -- or early release -- movement in my downswing, which leads to a loss of distance and inconsistent strikes. Luckily, you can use this alignment stick drill to help you get the feel of the body rotation you need to strike the golf ball consistently.

How to use the drill

Place an alignment stick on the end of your golf club (I use a 7-iron in the video) so that most of the stick extends beyond the grip of your club.

Hold the golf club and stick together with your normal golf grip.

Address the ball so the alignment stick is positioned to the left of your body (for a right-handed golfer). Make sure the alignment stick extends outward and behind you.

Take small, short and slow swings using your body rotation to sweep through the hitting zone. If you cast or release your arms too soon, the alignment stick will hit the side of your body.