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FedEx Cup: What Did You Expect?

We get it.

The FedEx Cup Playoffs are anything but perfect. There are critics everywhere that suggest one fix or another in order to help make the FEC more... oh, I don't know... comprehensive in terms of a PGA Player's season performance. We have seen everything from new equations to new point layouts to new tournament structures. However, nothing really seems to be the "best solution" thus far, and the crowds seem to be getting a little restless.

So what will be the best solution or option that the PGA should take in order to fix this mess? Frankly, I'm not so sure there IS anything that can be done, because consider the following:

1) Every player has the same chance to win every tournament. Let's face it: with the possible exception of the best player in the world, every single player that tees it up for any given tournament has a chance to win. This was seen almost every week this season, especially when considering the Majors. Granted, I do agree that Major championship victories should be worth an obscene amount of FEC points, but the top players in these tournaments will be awarded accordingly.

2) Playoffs are the home of the underdog. Why are we complaining that the players with the most number of wins during the season have the chance to not even come close to winning the Cup? Isn't this the very basis of having a playoff system? We need not look any further than the NFL's 2007 New England Patriots going undefeated in the regular season only to lose the Super Bowl. Besides, this is why we have a Player of the Year (MVP) award.

3) Current tournament structures are sufficient already. We don't need match-play or brackets for the FedEx Playoffs, and I might go insane if I hear this suggested one more time by another writer. Stroke-play is the ONLY way the best players can be determined in a fair format, and I love the fact that multiple courses and weather conditions are brought into play throughout an entire season.

4) Fans want drama and heartbreak. Best example I can give? Brandt Snedeker. Case closed.

These are just a few reasons why the FedEx Cup is put together pretty well as it stands. While I am certain other changes will be made next year, these changes should be small and not drastically effect the outcome of any tournament eligibility for any player. In order to advance, you have to make shots. Period.

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