Euro Course President Wanted Over Iran Arms Deal

The Ryder Cup certainly will have its fair share of bulliton board material.

According to the Australian news website NewsCore, a European golf club president could face up to 35 years in an American prison "supposedly selling arms to Iran":

Christopher Tappin, a retired millionaire businessman from southeast London, was caught in a sting by US customs officers, who claim he tried to sell Hawk surface-to-air missile parts to Tehran.

Long story short? The 63-year old Tappin is in the battery business. Really, really large batteries... like the ones airplane manufacturors and aviation companies like to purchase. Tappin unknowingly sold a few of these large batteries (which were housed in America), which were then shipped to the Netherlands. Ultimately, this shipment was to be delivered to Iran to the attention of Iranian President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
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