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Ernie Els Signs with Adams Golf

ernie els Four-time major winner Ernie Els has signed a multi-year sponsorship contract with Adams Golf, according to a statement released from the company today.

Els, who has 70 tournament victories worldwide, was previously a staff player under the TaylorMade and Callaway brands. The Adams Golf name will appear on Els' golf bag, on his headwear and likely on his equipment.

"As a player, there are many factors in something as fundamentally important as your equipment. Everything about Adams impresses me, starting with the enthusiasm and energy from company leadership and R&D, along with their strong products,” Els explained in the statement. “I’m partnered with a company where innovation is at the heart of everything they do, where they’re always looking to push the envelope and pursue new ideas that ultimately help players of all skill levels play better."

From a marketing standpoint, this move makes a ton of sense. Adams Golf was recently acquired by TaylorMade Golf in 2012, instantly becoming a secondary equipment option under the company umbrella. Over the years Adams has shifted their focus to creating easy-to-hit clubs for players of any caliber. Ernie Els has long been nicknamed "The Big Easy", who will now play the easiest clubs to hit.

How convenient!

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