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REVIEW: Energy Athletic Long Sleeve Golf Polo

A little while ago I wrote a review on Energy Athletic's new ionized golf polos. I very much enjoyed playing golf in the polo due to its comfort and ion-charged technology within its fibers. Now, Energy Athletic also offers a long-sleeve style of the same shirt. According to the company website, Energy Athletic designed their golf polos to not only invigorate your stamina while on the course, but to be the best golf shirt you have ever worn.

The impeccable fabric in these golf shirts is made from a wrinkle resistant, 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex blend with odor preventing, anti-microbial properties as well as moisture wicking which helps keep you cool.

The unique advantage of Energy Athletic golf shirts is the exclusive IonX Ionized treatment that embeds negative ions into the structure of the fabric during manufacturing giving you increased power.

I'll be honest, folks; I don't know if I completely buy in to the ionic technology benefits that go along with energized bracelets, wristbands or shirts. All I can tell you is this: while wearing the Energy Athletic long-sleeve polo, I was completely comfortable, had less fatigue and played some of the best golf of my season. Take that however you will.

Available in a wide range of colors, Energy Athletic's shirt line can be purchased via their website or at most major golf retailers.

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