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Energy Athletic Golf Launches New Colors for Performance Apparel Line

Energy Athletic Golf has been providing high-quality clothing and products for golfers since 1998, but just recently the company has expanded its golf shirt product-line to include an exciting new technology: IonX Ionized Energy Fabric™. The brand's IonX Ionized Energy Fabric™ technology is now offered in a variety of different  shirt colors and styles, one of which I was able to review just this past weekend on the golf course. Available at www.wearenergy.com, the shirts rely on technology trusted for decades by international militaries, space programs and Olympic athletes. With a new line of colors available to match your tastes, this same IonX technology showcases an intelligent material scientifically proven to contain ionic energy through a negatively charged ionic field.

The shirt I reviewed was beyond comfortable due to its lightweight feel, loose fabric style and breathability (which ended up being a lifesaver during on a humid Sunday afternoon in Chicago). While I remain a person who needs further convincing on the effectiveness of "ion technology" in other products, I can honestly say that my endurance seemed greater throughout the round and my score definitely benefitted. So how does this material work?

The ability of Energy Athletic Golf apparel’s to increase power was confirmed by an independent university in a double-blind study on 12 rugby players. The results showed a measurable increase in average power when wearing IonX during repetitive, short duration, high intensity exercise. Over the course of my golf round, I found that I was just as energetic on the 18th hole as I was during my opening tee-shot four hours earlier.

I highly recommend this product to any golfer at any level, especially those of us who may need an energy boost during our rounds. Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and offering an exceptionally soft feel, Energy Athletic Golf shirts retail for $59.90 to $69.90. They are available on the company website and will soon be offered at leading retailers nationwide.

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