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Gear Review: Limited Flight Practice Golf Balls by Elevated Golf

Elevated-Golf-Pictures-2-300x225Let's face it; going to the driving range every week can be expensive. Most ranges will charge you $10 or more for a large bucket of quality golf balls just to practice for an hour. It's highway robbery, I tells ya. Luckily, the folks over at Elevated Golf have the perfect alternative to the driving range: Limited Flight Practice Golf Balls.

I know what you're thinking: "Adam, I've seen limited flight golf balls before. This is nothing new!" First of all, you need to stop talking to your computer. Secondly, you haven't seen practice golf balls of this quality. I promise you that.

Elevated Golf's Limited Flight Practice Golf Balls are made from polybutadiene rubber and suryln plastic and travel 50% to 60% the distance of a regular ball. They are perfect for practicing your game at home, at the park, a gymnasium or a nearby field. Golf courses with limited flight golf ranges can also benefit from this product.

The benefits of the practice golf balls are many, including:

  • Practice literally anywhere without worry of breaking anything
  • True spin, feel and reaction similar to that of a regular ball
  • Improve your swing tempo without worrying about shot distance

Each golf ball comes with a 376 pimple count -- not dimples, because that would be weird -- and are 42 mm in diameter while weighing approximately 24.5 grams.

Now that all of the specifications are out of the way, let's talk about what is most important: how these practice balls perform.

I've never used a practice golf ball better than what Elevated Golf offers. Not only do they respond exactly like a "real" golf ball, you can actually work the ball for a draw or fade. I've never been able to do that with another practice ball.

To learn more about Elevated Golf and their many golf improvement ideas, visit the company website by clicking this link.

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