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DUFF TEST: Scratch Golf Wedges


Scratch Golf is an independent club manufacturer located just outside of Detroit, Michigan that specializes in hand-crafted, customized golf equipment. While they might not be a household name in many parts of the United States just yet, Scratch Golf is by far one of the finest clubmakers I've ever worked with. I recently had the chance to test a pair of their incredible wedges, and was left with an overwhelming feeling that I've been missing out on something very, very special.

A first-hand look at these fancy Scratch wedges. Review coming up on ChicagoDuffer.com shortly. #golf

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Fitting Process

Scratch Golf has each of their customers go through an extensive fitting process to identify the proper wedge grind for your game. While the preferred process is for you to visit one of their professional fitting centers, you can also work with a Scratch Golf fitter via email. I have a tendency to hit fat shots with my wedges due to a steep attack angle, so it was recommended that I test wedges with a Digger/Driver Grind (DD).

Look and Feel

Every club that Scratch Golf builds looks like it should be kept in a classic golf club collection. The wedges I received we sleek, minimalist, and highly traditional without looking outdated. In other words, they are absolutely gorgeous.

From a feel standpoint, the Scratch Golf wedges cut through the turf like a hot knife through butter. The DD grind offered me a shallower divot, which helped me control my shots while feeling like the club was absorbing the golf ball. Each shot produced a crisp, pro-level sound that made me want to hit balls for hours.


As I've said in past reviews, I'm not quite the level of golfer that would be able to tell the difference in wedge spin rate without the help of a ball launch monitor. However, it was clear that the Scratch Golf wedges were built with a shot's end result in mind. Every single shot I hit into a green spun nicely, often checking and backing up on occasion. That's pretty neat for a 10-handicapper to see.

Distance was pretty consistent with my current wedges, if not slightly shorter. This wasn't a huge deal for me -- I just have to adjust to my new distances -- but there is definitely a "learning curve" with these wedges. Overall, I was very pleased with how well these scoring clubs performed.

Why you should buy these clubs

If you are a fan of wedges with a traditional look and a soft feel, Scratch Golf hits the nail on the head. If you are also looking for a wedge that can produce a high amount of spin and with a custom-fitting option, Scratch Golf should be your first stop to shop.

Why you might not buy these clubs

Scratch Golf is an independent brand with a very loyal, small following. If you prefer the "bigger brands," you might look elsewhere. Scratch Golf clubs are also priced slightly higher than more popular brands (wedges start at $179).

For more information on Scratch Golf, visit www.scratchgolf.com or email Patrick Boyd at patrick@scratchgolf.com.


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