DUFF TEST: Rukket Sports Golf


When it comes to high quality golf accessories and training aides, Rukket Sports might not be the first name you think of. After testing out two of their more popular products -- the RukkNet Portable Driving Range and Rukket Range Marker & Chipping Target -- I'm convinced that they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Let's take a closer look at two training products that every golfer should own.

rukknet portable driving range

Rukknet portable driving range

The RukkNet Portable Driving Range is not only one of the largest products the company offers in the golf sector, but it is also one of the most impressive. This product takes the concept of a hitting net to a whole new level, both in size and usability.

In addition to being a high-quality net that can withstand any shot in your bag, the RukkNet Portable Driving Range also features three targets to help with your accuracy during practice. That is a feature you just don't find in competing driving range nets.

While the net itself is a little complicated to set up -- even with the included instructions that are sewn into the netting, which is very convenient -- the benefits your game will experience from using this net far outweigh any criticism of this exceptional product. Plus there is a nifty carrying case, which rounds out the entire package. ($219.99)

rukket chipping net

Rukket Range Marker & Chipping Target

Like the company's portable driving range, the Rukket Range Marker & Chipping Target adds a new spin on an old classic. I was not only impressed with how easy this target was to set up, but also how sturdy and useful this simple idea can be for any golfer. I will absolutely benefit from this chipping target for years to come. Guaranteed.

But wait, there's more! In addition to being a chipping target, the "bottom" side of the product serves as a yardage marker for longer iron shots. That's right; not only can you practice your short game with this target, but you can also practice shots up to 150 yards. I have yet to see a training aid that covers more clubs in my bag than what Rukket offers.

Overall Impression

To say I was impressed by what Rukket Sports has to offer would be an understatement. I've tested a lot of golf training aids, practice nets and other products on this blog. Rukket Sports offers, hand's down, the most versatile and useful golf practice aides I have ever tested. Period.