DUFF TEST: Ping i25 Irons

ping i25 irons headWhen Ping Golf introduced their new i25 iron series back in January, mid-handicappers everywhere immediately smiled from ear to ear. Finally, there was an iron that filled the gap between game-improvement and better player irons. I had the chance to play a round of golf with the Ping i25 irons recently. Admittedly a fan of Ping clubs going into the test, I was incredibly impressed with how well these irons performed.

Boring Specification Stuff

The Ping i25 irons are made for a wide range of players, but fit specifically in between the company's G- and S-series iron sets. The i25's have standard to slightly-stronger loft settings, depending on you individual club fitting results (which, if you've never gotten fit for clubs, use Ping's online fitting system before you purchase anything from them).

ping i25 irons

The Ping i25 irons are progressive with their technology, ranging from a more forgiving long iron tech all the way to more bladelike lower clubs and wedges.

Appearance and Feel

At address, the Ping i25 irons appear much more like a blade than an ultra-forgiving game improvement iron. They feature a nice thin topline that better players will prefer, while the longer clubs feature a slight offset that gives you a boost of confidence. In true Ping form, the i25's look extraordinary with a modern spin on a classic design.

At impact, these clubs are as smooth as a hot knife through butter. They cut through the turf effortlessly and offer a soft feel, which I love. Mishits are slightly punitive -- as they should be -- but nothing too harsh. These are some of the best feeling clubs I've hit this year.


The Ping i25 irons performed so well in my test that they are now my go-to iron set for the season. There is very little to critique about these clubs, which flew slightly further than my normal iron distances but nothing too unpredictable. Approach shots held the green quite well, and the wedges were quite versatile from 100 yards and in.

Why you should buy these clubs

If you are a mid-handicapper looking for a little help in distance without sacrificing forgiveness, you need to check out the Ping i25 irons. If you want all of that technology in iron clubheads that don't look too chunky, these should be on your short list.

Why you should not buy these clubs

High-handicap players may prefer clubheads with a larger sweetspot and a bit more forgiveness. Otherwise, the Ping i25 irons will appeal to golfers in a wide handicap range.