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ping g30 driverWhen the new PING G30 driver was unveiled via a YouTube video in July, golf fans everywhere got a first-hand look at how this club can launch a golf ball. I had the chance to test out the PING G30 driver recently, and there is no doubt that video was legit.

Boring Specification Stuff

The PING G30 looks and feels like most other PING drivers, but with one glaring exception: the new turbulators on the driver's crown. These little nubs -- which look more like shark fins than anything -- are said to reduce drag as your swing the PING G30 through the air. This increases clubhead speed, which translates to greater distances off the tee.

The PING G30 is also fully adjustable, offering five individual loft settings in 0.6-degree increments. PING obviously did a bunch of fancy tests to settle on such an odd degree increment, but trust me when I say there's a lot of science behind that number.

Look and Feel

Aside from the ugly turbulators on the club's crown -- sorry, those things are hideous -- the PING G30 driver is an attractive club overall. The matte-black finish is highly appealing and adds to the "softness" of the club, and the bright blue accent coloring is tasteful and non-distracting.

For me, the biggest surprise with the club's feel at impact. PING drivers are known to be a bit on the "loud" side. Hell, with a name like "PING," this is expected. This driver not only felt soft -- it also sounded softer than I expected. That's a huge plus in my book.


This club can pound the ball. There's no other way to say it. I was able to hit the PING G30 driver at least 10 yards further than my current name-brand driver (another 2014 release). While my accuracy struggled a bit at first, the back-focused center-of-gravity on the club -- which stabilizes the clubface into impact -- got me back on track after a few swings.

Why you should buy this club

If you are looking for a serious boost in distance, there's no way you can go wrong with the PING G30 driver. You will hit the ball further, no questions asked.

Why you shouldn't buy this club

Traditionalists might not appreciate the turbulators or blue coloring on the clubhead. The PING G30 also has less adjustability options compared to other drivers released this season, so tinkerers might look elsewhere.


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