DUFF TEST: Monsta Golf Balls

monsta golf logoIndie golf ball companies has been booming as of late as companies fight to make their mark in a highly-saturated product market. Monsta Golf is one such company, and we had a chance to test out their golf balls recently. These are the results.

Who is Monsta Golf?

According to the company website, Monsta Golf started as the brainchild of two guys (Ken and Dave) from Boston who wanted a premium golf ball that exuded consistency and didn't cost an arm and a leg.

“We need to create a pro performance golf ball that’s affordable, so it can be used every round you play. Allowing the development of  a more consistent game.  We don’t want to cringe every time we lose a $4-$5 ball in the woods.”

One year later, Monsta Golf balls were born.

Look and Feel

Right out of the box, Monsta Golf balls are unique and attractive. The company logo is what appears to be a monster's eyeball while the company's name appears on the "side" of each ball.

monsta golf ball

This 3-piece golf ball also features a cast urethane cover, a "multi-blend high performance lonomer mantle," and a progressive inner core that produces a consistent ball flight regardless of club. The ball feels soft to the touch, reminding me of strata golf balls from years ago.


Overall, I was very pleased with how the Monsta Golf ball performed during our test. It really stood out around the greens as the ball spun just enough to produce accurate and consistent chips and pitches from inside 100 yards. Mid-to-long iron shots also performed very well as every shot that hit the green stayed on the green. The driver test was a little concerning to me, however, as the ball did not travel as far as my current premium golf balls.

Why you should buy these golf balls

At a price point of about $35/dozen, the Monsta Golf balls are an absolute deal in comparison to other premium options. These golf balls are soft around the green and will boost your confidence in your short game, which is sure to lead to lower scores.

Why you should not buy these golf balls

If you're looking for a boost in distance off the tee, there are better options that Monsta Golf balls. That being said, accuracy always wins out over power for me, and I was pleasantly surprised at the consistency offered by these golf balls. If you are not pleased for any reason, the company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.