Devereux Apparel: Proper Threads for Golfers


devereux brand mainChoosing what to wear on the golf course can be a complicated matter, especially for men seeking the perfect mix of comfort, style and functionality. Devereux apparel clarifies matters for all golfers thanks to their incredible style and products. Devereux bills itself as a contemporary new line of men's apparel that "gets it." Our first look at the brand confirms this belief, both in appearance and performance.

Whether out on the course or out on the town, you want proper threads. We went looking for clothes that could bridge the gap between modern men's fashion and progressive golf styles.

Congratulations, Devereux. You have succeeded in fulfilling this quest admirably.

Look and Feel

Our hand's on review of the Devereux brand included two incredible polo styles: the Charles and Joseph design. Both styles are not only sophisticated, but also entirely suitable for on and off the golf course. I would feel absolutely comfortable wearing either shirt to the office when not playing golf. They are incredible.

devereux brand charles

Performance and Comfort

I look for two things in any golf shirt: flexibility (specifically during my golf swing) and breathability. Devereux brand exemplifies perfection in both areas.

Not only were both polos fully function and non-restricting during my golf swing, but I was entirely comfortable during each practice session while wearing either polo. The fabric stretched when it needed to stretch and the shirt looked as fresh as it did when I first put it on. Nobody likes to walk into the men's grill at the country club looking like they just ran a marathon. You will not feel or look that way wearing any shirt from Devereux.

devereux brand joseph

Both the Charles and Joseph shirt styles are priced at $84.95 and can be viewed at the company website,