Commissioner to Tour Players: Play More Events

It appears that one way PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem wishes to help pull professional golf out a tough economic downturn is to force TOUR players play more sponsored events.
According to, what initially was a Fichem-generated plea to players on the PGA to add one or two more tournaments to their schedule in 2009 may become a new policy next season:
One proposal being formulated for the policy board would require top players to add one more tournament from a short list of events that traditionally have weak fields. Still to be determined is how to define a "top player", whether it's the world ranking of FedExCup standings.

Policy board member Brad Faxon doesn't seem to have too much of an issue with Finchem making this a TOUR-wide policy, stating that he didn't "see any hurdles" when asked his opinion on the proposal.

However, another issue that this proposal must address is very simple: what happens if the "top players" all pick the same events? What good would that do in terms of sharing the wealth around some of the weaker events? Furthermore, what type of message would this send to the other PGA players who view these "weaker events" as a chance to make a good showing and make a little cash while the big boys are away?