Cobra Golf Introduces Fly-Z Golf Club Series

Cobra Golf unveiled their new Fly-Z golf club series on Tuesday morning, instantly becoming the leader in the proverbial clubhouse in terms of flashy new club technology and adjustability. The series includes everything from new drivers, fairways woods, hybrids and four different iron models, making it clear to everyone that Cobra has gone "all-in" with this new product line. Our friends at are all over the announcement (as usual) and have an incredible first-hand look at the new clubs on their site. If you want the in's and out's of the club technology on the new Cobra Fly-Z series, head over to their site to learn more about how complicated -- yet simple -- this new tech was to incorporate into a golf club. (Believe me, I know that sounds contradictory, but Tony and his Crew do a great job explaining it)

Cobra Fly-Z Driver

Cobra Fly-Z Driver

The main feature on the new Cobra Fly-Z driver is what the company has deemed a FLIPZONE adjustable weight that rests on the sole of the clubhead. This guitar-pick-shaped adjustable weight basically impacts your ball spin rates, allowing you the choice of a penetrating, low-spin tee shot or a high-spinning balloon ball. One would benefit you more on windy days or wet conditions; the other is useful on calm days and on course that require a lot of carry.

The driver also incorporates Cobra's MyFly technology for full loft adjustability that spans upwards of 3 degrees.

cobra fly-z fairway

Cobra Fly-Z Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Similar to the Fly-Z driver, the new Cobra Fly-Z fairway woods and hybrids also offer the FLIPZONE technology, albeit without the sliding mechanism. MyFly adjustable technology is also featured on both club lines, granting the player an obscene amount of fine-tuning that is all the rage these days. It'll be interesting to see how these metalwoods "replace" or upgrade on the company's BioCell club series. Stay tuned.

cobra fly-z irons

COBRA Fly-Z Irons

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting equipment upgrade from Cobra can be seen in their new Fly-Z iron series. Comprised of four different models to cover a wide range of handicap levels, the Fly-Z irons focus on thinning out the clubheads across the board, giving each iron more of a "player's" look and feel. Performance might be the most important quality golfers consider when purchasing a new club, but look and feel are undoubtedly next in line.

The irons also feature Cobra's take on a "speed slot", which they call the Speed Channel. It seems like every company is going to some version of this technology, and all of them promise more yardage on every shot.