ClubCrown STRIPE Improves Your Alignment


clubcrown stripe ClubCrown -- the makers of the trendy metalwood self-install graphics -- have just released their new ClubCrown STRIPE alignment aid product for your driver. The product's premise is simple: take the awesome and easy-to-install ClubCrown graphic concept and incorporate an alignment aid pattern mixed with personal customization. Sounds like a novel idea, right?

Plus, at the low price of only $19.99, the STRIPE might be the surprise golf product of the season.

"The STRIPE allows golfers to customize the crown of their club for only $19.99 and gives them the added benefit of serving as an alignment aid," says Andrew Glaser, Founder and CEO of the company. "Just like the original ClubCrown, the STRIPE can be removed and won't damage a club's finish. Every design we make has fantastic alignment properties and, at the same time, gives your clubs a very cool look and feel. All STRIPES are the same width as a golf ball and our proprietary alignment method ensures that the stripe always goes straight back. The customized alignment properties of the STRIPE are totally unprecedented in golf, especially at this amazing price point."

I had the chance to test out the ClubCrown STRIPE during a recent driving range session and was pleased with the look and usefulness of the product. Interestingly enough, another driver currently on the market today -- the PING i25 -- also incorporates the racing stripe design on its crown (which I love). I found the ClubCrown STRIPE to be as effective of an alignment aid as what PING is offering, but with the added benefit of being able to customize the graphics to whatever I want.

That's right; ClubCrown offers an option to personalize your STRIPE graphics with almost any logo you can think of. That's a pretty cool selling point.

To learn more about the ClubCrown STRIPE, be sure to visit

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