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My quest to find the perfect golf clubs for my game continues as I turn my attention to the Srixon Z 765 irons. Reviewed earlier last year on this site, the Srixon Z 765s are definitely more forgiving than my current blades; a quality I badly need in my game. But first, they needed a little adjustment.

Tale of the Tape

As mentioned in the video above, the specification differences between the iron sets are subtle, yet specific. The main difference is in loft as the Srixons feature stronger bends than my Miura MB001 set.

[table id=6 /]

The lengths of all clubs above are the same, and the lie angles on both sets are 1-degree flat from standard (which is a weird thing to say, since there's really no such thing as "standard lie angle" anymore).

The golf shafts are also very different. My Miuras feature stiff steel Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issued shafts ("Pured" because I'm spoiled rotten) and the Srixons feature stiff graphite Miyazaki Kusala Tour Issued shafts.

Suffice to say, I will likely see very different ball flights between the iron sets, which will take some getting used to.

So is this a True Comparison?

I know my readers are gearheads like me and will point out that the golf shaft difference is stark. Swing weight and lie angle are certainly important, but a golf shaft can completely alter a club's performance. It's basically the brain of the club.

However, my friends at Srixon did provide me with irons that should match my ball flight preference per my swing speed. This is definitely not a custom fit -- like I have with my Miuras -- but the shafts weren't randomly chosen.

What do I Hope to Find?

I'm expecting the Srixon Z 765 irons to be more forgiving, offer slightly more distance, and (hopefully) provide more consistency in my iron shots. Shot dispersion to the left or the right won't be as important as long or short, at which my Miura MB001 irons excel.

I'll let you know what happens the first time I need to carry a lake on an approach shot.

Comments or questions? Leave a comment below or send me an email at golfunfiltered@gmail.com.

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