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CHAMP Zarma My Hite FLYTee Review

One of my biggest pet peeves on the golf course - other than geese roaming around my golf ball - is running out of golf tees because I've snapped them in two. Earlier this season I made the decision to switch to plastic tees, but I've struggled with finding a reliable tee that maintained its shape after repeated use. The new CHAMP Zarma My Hite FLYTee product line has proven to be my tee of choice for many reasons.

Not only does CHAMP offer a great plastic tee option for those of us more prone to breaking the wooden alternative, they also come in a variety of different sizes and tee body lengths. The “My Hite” line includes a unique colored band around the stem to routinely place the ball at a consistent height and promote optimum contact on every swing, which is important for larger-faced drivers.

There's also some great technology that goes into the CHAMP design.  Each tee features a six-prong head and shallow cup to reduce friction, increase distance and improve accuracy on your golf shots while conforming to USGA rules. If you are environmentally-aware, of course, these tees are constructed from eco-friendly materials five times more durable than traditional wood, allowing players to use far fewer tees per round without the worry of harming the environment with plastic.

Sold at most major golf retailers, the CHAMP Zarma My Hite FLYTee retails at $7.99 and is available in a variety of different sizes and colors.

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