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Can a Pink Panther Succeed Where Tiger Has Failed?

With her recent win at the LPGA Women's US Open, Paula Creamer, aka "The Pink Panther", is looking to add more Major titles to her resume. Her next Major stop? The Women's Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

Traditionally, up until Christie Kerr broke through to the Number 1 spot on the Women's equivalent to the World Golf Rankings, no American on the LPGA Tour has made much of an impact in the eyes of golf fandom. The LPGA Tour had been (and in many ways, continues to be) dominated by talented golfers from overseas. However, Creamer might be on the verge of bringing America's attention back to women's golf and into the mainstream.

Similar effects were seen when Tiger Woods broke onto the scene roughly 14 years ago. American golfing greats were still recognizable by the names of Nicklaus, Palmer, and others... but Tiger came into the mainstream right when internet media sharing began to take off to levels never seen before. As a result, more people became aware of this man called "Tiger" much faster than they would have by reading everything in newspapers, magazines, or even on television. As time went on, the sharing of information in a viral sense over the internet continued to grow, and so did the number of fans Tiger had in his "army".

Now, Paula Creamer has the chance to make a similar splash thanks to the foundation that the attention Woods received years ago has constructed. In other words, American golf fans are primed and ready for "the next big thing", especially since the previous superstar has begun his fall from grace.

In essence, Creamer has all of the qualities needed grab American golf fandom by the heart-strings: great talent, good looks, a flashy personality on the course, youth (she isn't even 24? Now I even feel old...), and the ever-so-helpful return from an injury storyline. Technically, a golf fan couldn't ask for a better recipe for fame to flourish.

Creamer certainly seems to be on board with the idea of stealing the spotlight, as well:

"I feel like my whole career, it's always been about majors," [Creamer] said. "That was the one thing I didn't have. And now that I do, I only want more. It's like opening a can of worms. I can't wait to play the British Open, because I know what it takes to win."

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