Callaway Golf is Early Leader in the Clubhouse for 2015

  Callaway Golf LogoThe winter months are a hotbed for new golf product releases, thanks mainly to the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. Press releases from every company fly across my blogging desk like snowflakes, but there is one company that is far and away making the biggest impact so far this year.

Callaway Golf is your leader in the clubhouse, and everyone else is trying to catch up.

Callaway's climb to the top started when they announced their upgrade to the immensely popular Big Bertha series, as was reported on this site. The Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond drivers instantly caught the eye of golfers everywhere, followed closely by the hybrid and fairway wood series of the same name.

Even earlier, however, Callaway announced their new Chrome Soft golf ball last December. While not technically announced in 2015, news of a golf ball that felt as soft as the balata balls we all remember and loved (I know I did) but handled like a distance ball was hard to believe. Early reviews suggest this ball is the real deal, and we hope to bring similar results to this site in the near future.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Callaway announced their new XR golf club series just this week. Promising incredible distance gains across every club in the series (two-clubs longer?!) the XR Family is destined to become a force to be reckoned with across the sport.

At the end of the day, many amateur golfers struggle to see concrete differences between the clubs they own and new products on the shelves. Based on the information they've shared to date, it would seem that Callaway Golf has listened specifically to voice-of-customer feedback to give golfers everywhere a chance to improve their game. Every company makes promises; but Callaway goes a step further and tells you exactly how much your game will improve.

Stay tuned for reviews on these exciting new products soon!