Blasberg Case: Questions Linger Regarding Hess

As reported Tuesday on, the death of LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg has been ruled a suicide by the Nevada state coroner, presumably clearing Blasberg's doctor Thomas Hess, MD of any blame. However, as more is learned regarding this case, the question of cause of death remains up for debate despite the coroner's official announcement. Hess recently posted bail to be released from police custody, which was the result of removing Blasberg's suicide note and pill bottles from the scene.

Consider the following:

Mel Blasberg, the father of the late LPGA star, told CBS' Early Show in July that his daughter and Hess had a relationship that was "outside the professional patient-doctor relationship", however did not know to what extent.

Blasberg's father also reports that Hess never sent official condolences to the family following Erica's death:

"Because he still knew my daughter, he should say, 'I'm sorry.' He didn't, hasn't, nothing," Blasberg said at the time. "I want the world to know that maybe this guy is a great doctor but there's a side of him that is a scoundrel."

According to investigators at the scene, Hess not only removed the suicide note and pill bottles from the room where Blasberg was found, but he also hid the items in his vehicle. When investigators arrived on scene, Hess was nowhere to be found. When Hess was eventually tracked down, he admitted to removing the items, hiding them in his car, and then completely stopped cooperating with authorities, thus leading to his arrest.

What is also questionable is the manner in which Hess acted on the now-public 911 call placed shortly after (reportedly) discovering Blasberg's body. Not only did Hess catch himself twice during the call as to not disclose a location where he and Blasberg consumed alcohol the night prior, at one point the call is disconnected despite being told to "hold on" by the 911 dispatcher. Furthermore, when asked if he was certain that Blasberg could not be resusitated, Hess replied "I'm a doctor"... however he did not disclose that he was Blasberg's doctor specifically. Instead, Hess explained that he only knew Blasberg "from the golf club".
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