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Biggest eBay Conman Ever Caught

When thinking of an article topic for this week, I have been doing everything I can to not write about the most popular golf news story this month... but I just couldn't get away from writing about golf and crime!

Turns out that in the history of eBay, and a presumably long line of would-be conmen and other criminals trying to make a quick buck off the famous auction website, no one single person has profited so much from fraud as Gary Bellchambers. According to NineMSN.com, the British conman moved to Thailand after making millions from selling counterfiet golf clubs and exploding golf balls to thousands of unexpecting consumers. The website goes on to state:

At home in Essex, north-east of London, Gary Bellchambers drove a battered
Ford Escort and lived in public housing to evade the roving eye of the

However, as an expat in Thailand, Bellchambers was hailed as "The Man"
- a wealthy businessman boasting a string of luxury homes and a share in a $2.7
million yacht.

Bellchambers, 46, made millions as head of a global criminal network
that duped thousands of eBay customers into buying counterfeit golf clubs and

Ok, the fact that this guy had to go to Thailand to earn himself the nickname of "The Man" is amusing enough. However, perhaps not as amusing as the name the task force used to signify the sting operation to catch Bellchambers.

The move led to the Trading Standards' Operation Augusta
named after the US golf club which hosts the Masters – which built up a case
against the gang.

Fine, this story might now be as entertaining or interesting as whatever (or whoever) the world's number one golfer is doing nowadays, but you gotta admit that operation name is absolutely hysterical. I wouldn't be surprised if that goofy crime fighting bloodhound in a trenchcoat is heading this investigation. But, you guessed it... the story gets even better!

It is thought that Bellchambers, who will be sentenced in January, may still be
making money while in prison after Mr Adams admitted that the golf clubs are
still being sold.

Looks like big bad Operation Augusta wasn't as successful as originally thought.

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