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Bettinardi Studio Stock 14 Putter Review


bettinardi studio stock 14When you think of great putter manufacturers, Bettinardi Golf has to come to the front of your mind. Their body of work making incredible putters every year speaks for itself, both on the professional circuit and amateur ranks. However, every so often a clubmaker will create a truly magnificent product that every golfer should try. For Bettinardi Golf, that club is the Studio Stock 14 putter.

The look of the Studio Series line pays homage to classic putters of yesteryear while featuring modern-day innovation you will not find in other flatsticks. The Studio Stock 14 appears shallow at address, almost resting below the golf ball. Bettinardi suggests this feature was meant to make the golf ball appear to float above the top line of the putter, thus allowing the player to hit up on the ball. I appreciated this look as it gave me a sense that I was more "in-touch" with the putting green immediately at address.

I personally do not have a straight back-and-through putting stroke; I prefer to have the club open and shut slightly through impact. The Studio Stock 14s heel-shafted design complements this preference nicely while the heavier clubhead helps take my wrists out of the putting stroke, promoting a pendulum-like movement. This improved the overall feel of the putter to the point where the club just felt "right" in my hands.

bettinardi studio stock 14 sole

At impact, the Hexagonal F.I.T. face absorbs the golf ball, translating to a soft, muted feel I love in a putter. My golf ball rolled true immediately off the face, which translated to more consistent lines and ultimately more made putts.

I cannot stress enough how well the Bettinardi Studio Stock 14 putter is made. From look to feel, I have not seen or used a better putter this year. Period.

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