Beating Tiger Woods: Tyler Aldridge


Welcome to the newest feature on Golf Unfiltered: Beating Tiger Woods, a weekly report of where Tiger Woods sits in the Official World Golf Ranking and who is immediately above him on that list. This is the place to honor these budding golf legends who clearly deserve your attention as they supplant our generation's greatest player from his steadily decreasing ranking. In the event that I can't find any information on the newest Tiger Tamer, I'll just make something up. You probably won't know the difference.


Tiger's Current OWGR: 334

Player Better than Tiger Woods today: Tyler Aldridge


Tyler Aldridge wasn't always destined for golf royalty. Born in Caldwell, Idaho, Aldridge played golf at Vallivue High School where he was a lowly Vallivue Falcon just trying to make it in this crazy game. Little did Aldridge know that his school's motto, "Touching the Future," would become prophecy for a man who one day would be a greater golfer than Tiger Woods.

It is reported that Aldridge always carries three quarters in his pocket while playing, undoubtedly a hat-tip to the Father, Son, and Godly Golf Game that this unprecedented talent showcases in each of his 18 career PGA Tour starts since 2009.

Yes, that's right. It only took 18 tournaments to surpass the so-called "Chosen One." We are all witnesses.

Aldridge's legend grew on through 24 events on the Tour, which speaks highly to his sense of charity and willingness to showcase his talents to the common man. His win at the 2015 Greater Dallas Open was at a tournament originally entitled the "Not-So-Great Dallas Open" before he stepped off the plane.

His performance at this week's 2015 Open (T55) may have seemed mediocre to the uninformed, but has already surpassed Tiger's 2016 earnings by $13,500 in only one event.