Is Chicago's Preferred Tee-Time Booking Service

If you're looking for an efficient way to book your next discounted tee-time without the trouble of registration fees and limited availability at your favorite course, then let do all the work for you. Oh, did I mention that you can book your next tee time for free? Launched in Spring 2012, Back 9 Inc. provides golfers with an easy to use website to search, compare, and book golf tee times for free. With numerous golf courses available for play in most areas, golfers simply don’t have the time or patience to call each course to find a suitable tee time.  Plus, the increasing demand for online solutions resulted in the creation of Back 9.

The company philosophy is simple: they treat their customers and their listed golf courses with the respect they deserve.  Back9 breaks their business mission statement down into these easy principles:

Give customers what they want - If you want to play golf at a certain time in a certain area, will give you all the courses that meet your requirements.  They simply provide customers with an opportunity to book a tee time at a course when they want and where they want for free.  Doesn't get much easier than that, folks.

Give golf courses what they want - Golf courses are continually looking for ways to reach new customers and to provide their customers with the easiest possible booking experience.'s system gives golf courses additional exposure beyond their normal marketing reach without any increase in fixed costs.

I know what you're asking yourself: "Why should I switch from my current online booking website and join" The answer is simple: convenience.

The advantage of using instead of their competitors is that Back9 doesn't charge a booking fee to users! This means that the majority of tee times listed on the site will be cheaper to book for golfers in comparison to other similar sites.

Look, I wouldn't review an online tee-time reservation site unless I thought they were the real deal. These guys not only practice what they preach, but they also want to help me enjoy the game I love at as little cost as possible.

With new courses being added daily to the site, an outstanding referral program to help out your friends and a user-interface that is beyond simple to use, needs to be the only way you book your next tee time.