Abu Dhabi Isn't Paying Tiger Woods Anymore

tiger woods abu dhabiIt's no secret that whenever Tiger Woods plays overseas on "offseason" events, he's more than likely earning an appearance fee. Such was the case with the Abu Dhabi Championship during recent years, which had paid Woods upwards of $3 million for just placing a tee in the ground. That's no longer the case, according to a report published in Golf Magazine.

The organizers of both the Abu Dhabi Championship and Desert Classic will not be shelling out the estimated $2m-$3m which Woods requires to make the trip. And although the position of the Dubai competition is complicated by the fact it is sponsored by a rival watch company to the one which endorses Woods, it is believed they would not have been willing to meet the demands for the presence of this undoubted sporting icon.

In other words?

"You're not playing well enough to deserve the extra scratch, Tiger."

But don't worry, folks. Tournament organizers in both China and Buenos Aries are still willing to pony up the bucks to get the Big Cat in town, as the report suggests. What the above does indicate, however, is that there are finally bigger tickets in town than Tiger Woods.