"A Lesson on Being Even-Tempered" by Kevin Na

(Also seen on WaggleRoom.com published by the author.) We've all probably seen or heard of the video by now; Kevin Na's 16 on the par-4 ninth hole at the TPC San Antonio.  He would eventually card an 8-over 80 for his first round of the Valero Texas Open.  This has obviously never been done before on the PGA Tour (EDIT: for a par 4; thanks, hall monitors) and I am certain this is a record that will not be broken for a very, very long time.

I will say this much about Na, however; he handled this situation about as gracefully and even-tempered as anyone possibly could have.  To be completely honest, I would have either picked up and left the course by shot 11, or every thrash through the thicket would have been accompanied by a curse (and probably some tears).

Nothing of the sort from Kevin, though.  Sure, one can tell that he was getting pretty frustrated around shot 3 or 4 (especially when one shot caused the ball to come back and hit him)... but can you blame the guy?  Instead, Na eventually began to laugh the whole thing off as he slowly made his way to the green shot after shot after shot.

In case you haven't seen the video, however, here it is:


My favorite part of the whole thing was when Kevin Na turned to his caddie and asked how they were supposed to "count all those strokes", to which his caddie replied "I have no idea".