A Few Things for Which Golf Fans Can Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, golf fans, and many people will express their gratitude in various ways to friends and family presumably while feasting on the spoils of another successful grocery run store and turkey hunt. From a golf fan perspective, we all have a great deal to be thankful for as one of the more memorable years in professional golf winds to an end. If your family is like mine, football will play a large role in the day thanks to the National Football League's offering which includes a satisfying parlay of contests throughout the afternoon and evening. As the season continues despite nearly being cancelled altogether thanks to collective bargaining agreements, ownership differences and 'underpaid athletes' (according to them, of course), our wonderful sport of professional golf remains as strong as ever. Thus, one thing all golf fans should be thankful for is the lack of a player's union in our game. As such, there will likely never be the threat of a player lockout or cancellation of a season.

Secondly, the world was treated to the dawning of a new age in both men's and women's golf in 2011. Rory McIlroy and Yani Tseng have solidified their names as elite players, especially in the case of young Tseng. Domination is now expected from both young players, of course, which will undoubtedly be more difficult in the case of McIlroy. Regardless, both players have nothing but time of their hands to continue accomplishing that which their peers could only hope to achieve. And for that, any golf fan could be thankful as we all anticipate the next great performance collectively.

Ironically, a sense of parity was also established in 2011 thanks to the resurgence of many veteran players, almost in response to the 'young guns' stealing the spotlight. Well-known names showcased strong play throughout the season on all tours, providing fans reminders of past success from many of our favorite players. This sense of parity helped provide numerous exciting finishes to some of the grandest tournaments, for which I will be forever thankful.

There have been numerous additional examples throughout the year that I'm sure other fans could name, but the premise remains the same: the current state of professional golf is strong and well. As we all take time to express our gratitude this holiday season, we can also look forward to what can only be an even more exciting golf season next year. And for that, I couldn't possibly be more thankful.