5 Golf Companies to Watch in 2015

Dicks-Sporting-Goods-8 The year is still young, but many golf companies have already unveiled their newest pieces of golf equipment to the masses. If what we've seen so far is any indication of what's to come throughout the year, golfers everywhere have a lot to look forward to in terms of equipment.

Which companies should you keep on your radar for 2015? These are our choices for who will make the biggest impact this year.

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Bettinardi Golf

Bettinardi Golf

I may have a soft spot for this Tinley Park-based company, but Bettinardi Golf has been a major player in the short game department for years. Besides, when a player like Matt Kuchar relies on their putters for his game, golfers like you and me should pay attention.

In addition to a full upgrade to their high-end precision putters, Bettinardi is also gearing up to release their first set of wedges in 2015. Expect big things from them this year.


Wilson Golf

They might not be the flashiest company on the market, but Wilson Golf is doing everything they can to get inside your golf bag this season. With over a century of experience in the sporting goods industry, it's safe to say Wilson knows what they're doing, too.

Their most exciting product release so far in 2015 is the Wilson Staff Infinite putter, which Padraig Harrington used to win the BANK BRI Indonesia Open in December. Featuring a unique counter-balancing system to ensure a repeatable stroke, the Wilson Staff Infinite putter is sure to make a huge impact in the amateur market.

NIke Golf Logo

Nike Golf

Let's face it: when you've got Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods playing your golf equipment, you're probably doing something right. Nike Golf is a powerhouse in this industry, and late-2014 equipment releases ignited the golf world.

Enter Nike Vapor -- the newest additions to the Nike Golf equipment family. Already staples in both Rory's and Tiger's bags, this club series is quickly making waves due to their high quality and incredible performance on the course. Rumor has it that Nike has another club series release in store for late 2015, so be sure to keep an eye on them.


Bridgestone Golf

It has been awhile since Bridgestone Golf released a new line of clubs, but the world was introduced to their new J715 driver and J15 club series over the last couple of weeks. If these clubs are an upgrade to their amazing J40 club series from 2013, then golfers everywhere should take note.

In addition to their new clubs, Bridgestone has long offered an industry-leading golf ball fitting process that fans of premium golf balls should definitely check out. Hey, if Freddy Couples, Matt Kuchar and Lee Trevino prefer these golf balls, maybe you should pay attention.

Callaway Golf Logo

Callaway Golf

Certainly no strangers to the limelight, Callaway Golf might very well be the most exciting golf company in 2015.

They've already announced an upgrade to their incredible Big Bertha drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Before that Callaway unveiled their Big Bertha iron series (which boasts to be two-clubs longer than what you're playing now). If that wasn't enough, their new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball will hit stores in mid-January.