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3 Up Golf Becomes First Golf Company to Accept Bitcoins


bitcoinsHold on to your seats, kids; we've just entered a whole new world. Upstart golf company 3 Up Golf has officially become the first golf company in the world to accept payments in the form of the virtual currency Bitcoins. The announcement was made on the company website earlier this week.

For those who don't know, Bitcoins are exactly like real dollars, just in virtual form. Developed in 2009, Bitcoins are a peer-to-peer electronic money network that uses cryptography to finalize transactions. In other words, the network has a fancy way to prevent scumbag internet users from using the same "money" over and over again. That would be a big problem, obviously.

3 Up Golf has been featured on this blog in the past for their amazing, high-quality golf balls that rival any high-end alternative on the market. Seriously; you need to try these golf balls as soon as possible, because you will likely never buy another "name brand" ball in your life. They're that good.

Why has 3 Up Golf decided to accept Bitcoins as payment?

Although owning a virtual currency may sound something out of science fiction to some of you, we know that it's technological pioneers that take chances and create exciting developments that shape our future. Here at 3 Up Golf we support innovative changes and always want to be part of the future.

Seems simple enough. One small business supporting the efforts of a growing network? It all makes sense.

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