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Cleveland Golf Announces Frontline Putters

Cleveland Golf Announces Frontline Putters

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Cleveland Golf is well known for being industry leaders in short game tech, and their newly announced Frontline putter series fits that billing. Featuring new takes on MOI weighting in familiar mallet and blade designs — along with a $199.99 price tag — the Cleveland Frontline putters hope to make a big splash in a saturated putter market.

There is no shortage of putter options in the market today. Most golfers will immediately think of “well known” brand names when researching new putter options for their game, often overlooking a brand like Cleveland in this space. The new Frontline putter series will force golfers to adjust this perception thanks to a different spin on forgiveness.

“We are very excited about Frontline because it is a completely new approach to putter design,” said Jacob Lambeth, Research and Development Engineer at Cleveland Golf. “By pairing an extreme center of gravity with an improved speed optimized face, we’ve designed a putter that uniquely maximizes directional and speed consistency. Combined with slick black cosmetics, great shapes and hosel options for different stroke types, Frontline really is the whole package.”

No matter how pure your stroke is, chances are you will miss the center of the putter face from time to time. Amateurs do it, pros do it, and to think differently would be a mistake. We could all use help in this arena, and Cleveland addresses this need head-on with Frontline.

Key Innovations Inside Frontline, direct from Cleveland Golf:

  • Forward Weights: With Tungsten Forward Weighting and the center of gravity positioned closer to the face, Frontline provides better stability through impact for straighter, more accurate putts.

  • Speed Optimized Face Technology: Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology normalizes ball speed across the face, ensuring consistent distance performance on all your putts.

  • 2135 Technology: Featured on the Elevado, Cero and Iso models, achieve perfect alignment on every putt, regardless of where your eyes are at address.

  • Additional Hosel Configurations: Find a superior fit with two different hosel configurations to suit every player’s stroke types.

The Frontline putter series will be available in three stock lengths (33”, 34”, 35”) and in four different head shapes, including one blade and three mallet varieties. All models launch on September 13, 2019.

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